Popup Gallery

We represent several artists in our popup galleries. We also organize exhibitions from time to time.

We represented, promoted and financed Lolo Loren (@lololorenart/ Lolo Gelderman) and arranged all legal work for her and popped up at:
Ibiza to prepare the book Lolo Loren (2014),
Amstel Hotel Amsterdam (2015),
Art Zurich (2015),
Masters of LXRY Amsterdam (2015),
preparation Venice Biennale (scheduled 2017),
Art Basel Miami/ Spectrum (2016),
and the legal work/customs for Rhy Art, Basel (2016), London/Schiedam (2016) and Layer (2016) as well as the selling of Trouble at Rhy Art and 4 pieces at Layer.


Other great Artists:

For recommendations: Marjan Strijbosch recommends photography of Ilona Wagenaar. See

Art Fairs

Art Zurich 2015


We published:

  • Lolo Loren - overview of the work of this Ibiza based artist. Visit her personal website at:
  • More publications in progress

LoloLoren by Ilona D. Wagenaar