Book Publisher

We work as author and book publisher. Do you need a nice book?
Consider to hire us as your private book publisher.
We also write texts and collaborate with professional printing companies and take care of your lay-out.

Titles in which we participated:

  • Cornelis le Mair, schilderijen & tekeningen, ISBN 90-804644-1-4
    (catalogue describing the work of the Dutch master painter Cornelis le Mair who lives and works in Eindhoven. Some people call him the "Rembrandt" of our age. But he is not only a painter...)

  • Cornelis le Mair, supplement, ISBN 978-90-804644-4-5
    (Supplement to the catalogue)

  • Het Kraakmannetje, verteld door Louise van Everdingen, ISBN 978-90-804644-2-1
    (Fairytale written by a Dutch lady, Louise van Everdingen-Meijer.)

  • Andries van der Beek in beeld, ISBN 978-90-80644-0-7
    (overview of the work of Dutch artist Andries van der Beek, living in the north part of the Veluwe in the Netherlands. Andries, already in his ninety's, is a modest man who still makes works of art. One of his paintings was donated to the Nunspeet Museum "Noord-Veluws Museum".)

  • Natuurboerderij Villa Bakhuis, ISBN 978-90-804644-6-9
    (The story of the development of a farm with park, where tourists can visit the cowshed and the folly of the former estate of Bakhuis. The park is open for cyclists. The former coach house is now restored and serves as wedding location. The former barn serves as information area. Located at the beautiful river IJssel near Heerde.)

  • Lolo Loren, ISBN 978-90-804644-5-2
    (catalogue describing the work of the in Ibiza living and in Rotterdam born artist Lolo Loren, formerly working under the name Lolo Helb and originally a stylist.)

  • Camera Poems, ISBN 978-804644-7-6
    (stories told by Cila Warncke and in images by Ilona D. Wagenaar)

New books to be released soon:

  • De Librije achter de schermen, ISBN 978-90-804644-8-3
    (special copy made for the anniversary of Restaurant De Librije (25 years), for Jonnie and Thérèse Boer. It tells the story of the famous 3-star Michelin restaurant The Librije and its Hotel, Cooking school (Atelier) and Shop behind the scenes, what guests do not see.)